What is Mcafee MOVE - Learn more about it and its benefits.

The company has recently announced that the MOVE- Management for Optimized Virtual Environments, a product from MacAFee will now be available to the customers of the Amazon Web Services VMware Cloud. Read more

Does McAfee have Ransomeware Support?

McAfee has taken a very serious stance against Ransomware threats affecting computer users worldwide. The No More Ransom initiative, of which Mcafee is a founding member, is now a global body fighting to safe guard the interests of internet / computer users globally. Read more

McAfee is an independent company yet again. Spins out of Intel aiming bigger growth.

After a takeover in 2011, McAfee was an Intel company. In September 2016, however McAfee has taken a step further to become a standalone company once again. It now claims to be one of the largest internet security companies globally with a business valuation of 4.2 billion dollars. Read more

Who wants to OFF John McAfee? The bitches will be F***** up - says Wife.

Founder of McAfee antivirus and then subsequently many other companies, colourful and controversial cyber security celebrity John McAfee was attacked yesterday. But latter tweets that never in his life he had been better.Read more