Who wants to OFF John McAfee? The bitches will be F***** up - says Wife.

Founder of McAfee antivirus and then subsequently many other companies, colourful and controversial cyber security celebrity John McAfee was attacked yesterday. Shortly after the incident, his wife tweeted the following in tone with Game of Thrones.

Upon people asking her further about the incident, she had to say - "They will be f***** up.". She also did say that John will soon be in contact with us. Finally when John did it was to say that he had never been better.

Our readers might like to know that McAfee, though he was never a suspect, fled his Belize home when one of his neighbours was murdered. Latter he was wanted for questioning. Then latter the same year he made a splendidly unsuccessful bid for POTUS. He failed even to secure a nomination from the Libertarian party. It seems people had an opinion that his life was too colorful and questionable to make him the President of United States.

There was even a documentary against him at the Toronto International Film Festival that claims McAfee got away with two murders. According to John McAfee the film is nothing more than a "fabrication from beginning to end."