Date: 28th July 2017

So, how is McAfee Antivirus tackling Ransomeware in 2017

McAfee has taken a very serious stance against Ransomware threats affecting computer users worldwide. The No More Ransom initiative, of which Mcafee is a founding member, is now a global body fighting to safe guard the interests of internet / computer users globally.

For the information of our readers, Ransomware are a special and highly dangerous kind of malware or computer virus that encrypts the contents of an infected system, including all its files like photos, videos, text documents. Then the makers of the ransomware ask you for certain amount to be paid to their account upon which the contents your computer may be decrypted.

No More Ransom was started by the Dutch National Police, Europol, Intel Security and Kaspersky Lab and was the first such collaboration between public and private sector for the greater interest of the people.

No More Ransom organisation confirmed the addition of new members and decryption tools in early June. The objective of this group is : No one needs to pay any ransom to any hacker / malware maker anywhere in the world. It brings together cyber security bodies and low enforcement agencies together for the greater good of the internet. There are about 100 companies and agencies in this initiative working towards a fool proof solution to ransomware threats.

While this stared as a foundation to protect netizens in Europe only the grand response globally has motivated this to grow into a global body. So McAfee antivirus users are now supported a global body of anti-ransomware experts and there are now decryption tools available to fix your computer. Visit No More Ransom official site for more information.